Our Services

Radiology, Ultrasonography and Endoscopy

The Radiology department at Bannockburn Veterinary Clinic is designed to provide our clients with exceptional levels of radiographic services.

We are equipped with the latest in computerised digital x-ray technology.

Digital radiography, or DR for short, uses a special type of x-ray plate. DR means the x-ray image is available to view within 10 seconds on the portable laptop computer.

The quality of the images are far superior to what we were able to take previously, meaning the images are much more diagnostic, especially when we need to be able to see subtle changes to the bone and soft tissue.

We can manipulate a digital image by magnifying any area, or even reversing the black and white of the image to accentuate abnormalities.

It is preferable that radiographs are taken at the clinic. However, the machine is portable therefore when necessary we can always come to you and still provide the best x-rays available.

Radiographic images can now be shared via email or on a DVD disc on the day they are taken.

Our ultrasound is particularly useful in pregnancy diagnosis, tendon scans, examinations of abdominal conditions, as well as assessment of heart disease.

Our endoscope is a one metre long fibre optic flexible endoscope, which allows us to investigate gastrointestinal problems non-invasively. We are also able to biopsy areas which are problematic, or retrieve foreign objects which are lodged in the oesophagus.