About Us

A vet clinic is a bit like a doctor's surgery, small hospital, pharmacy, dental clinic, pathology laboratory and x-ray facility all rolled into one.

Dr. Peter Bond has been associated with Bannockburn Veterinary Clinic since 1995 and has owned and run the practice since 2004. During that time huge changes have occurred and the clinic now provides the highest standard of veterinary facilities.

Our Animal Hospital is fully equipped to offer inpatient hospital care should your pet require it due to illness or injury. We aim to make your pet as comfortable as possible at all times and encourage you to visit your pet during their stay with us. We always communicate with owners at least once a day whilst we have a pet in hospital. We have an open house policy and are always happy to show clients our inpatient facilities. We have separate dog and cat wards.

The focus of the entire Team at Bannockburn Veterinary Clinic is to provide you with the highest quality pet care, with a personal, caring approach that meets the needs of both you and your pets.