Our Services

Equine Treatment

Horses make up a substantial proportion of our patients. We have a purpose built equine facility on site, where we can treat and hospitalise horses. We treat all types of horses from miniatures to Clydesdales to high performance animals.


Castration, hernias, lump removals.


We scan mares for ovulation & pregnancy, including early detection of twins. We can also perform artificial insemination with frozen and chilled semen.

DNA Sampling/Microchipping

DNA sampling and microchipping can be performed by our Equine Veterinarians on foals and weanlings for the Australian stud book, and for other forms of Equine registration.

Pre-purchase Examinations

We offer experienced Equine Veterinarians to perform pre-purchase examinations tailored to suit your individual requirements, from children's ponies' right through to performance athletes.

Lameness Examination

We have portable X-Ray and Ultrasound machines if our clients are unable to bring their horse to the clinic; however it is far more beneficial to use our equine facility where possible.


Our endoscope allows us to actually visualise upper respiratory and gastrointestinal problems such as functional abnormalities, foreign bodies or growths. Endoscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic procedure.